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Freeze Frame Freeze Frame

A proposal for New Britain High School, 2007 (unbuilt)

"Freeze Frame" was intended to engage students by creating an experience that evolves as they change and grow. Silhouettes of students in iconic poses (playing, jumping, walking, etc.) would be cut out of stainless steel panels. The panels are arranged in a repeated manner creating sightlines through the cut-outs framing the students standing on either side. Students become the artwork as they fill in the voids of "Freeze Frame." This promotes a dialog and interaction between students. The silhouettes gently motivate students to "fill-in" the shapes with their own bodies just as they are trying to fill-in their lives in high school. "Freeze Frame" is a metaphor for their lives as they solidify during these year.

Dot Dance Dot Dance

A proposal for the Plainville Public Library
Plainville, Connecticut, 2005 (unbuilt)

A narrow curving staircase leads to the Children's Library. Dots are arranged in a grid pattern and connected with various lines (bullets, dashes and solid). The dots are separated into three colors - red, yellow and blue- creating three different visual routes down the staircase. The inside of the staircase is a series of gray stripes that are the width of each riser. The stripes curve around and into the interior of the Children's Library.

On the Hill On the Hill

A proposal for the Hill neighborhood Library
New Haven, Connecticut, 2005 (unbuilt)

The Hill Library is a place for learning and research. "On the Hill" is a project that expands that search into the neighborhood itself. Like a mystery novel with clues, approximately 40 questions and answers are presented about the Hill neighborhood. It is an interactive art project encouraging visitors to learn about the place in which they live. A ribbon of colorful panels with questions and answers are woven with a backdrop of 70 neighborhood images spanning different periods - mixed together as historical layers that exist throughout the neighborhood. It can be seen as a exciting visual experience as well as a way to encourage people of all ages to enjoy and appreciate the Hill neighborhood itself.

Dot Dance The Lot

Projects for Chapel Street
New Haven, Connecticut, 2005 (unbuilt)

In the summer several proposals were made to Artspace for THE LOT project which included:

"New Haven Game Plan," is a game with 20 questions and images with basic facts about New Haven . An alternate proposal –"Chapel Street Sight Line" – creates a visual game that points out the various architectural features on Chapel Street. People waiting for the bus can see if they can discover the images on the banners to encourage them to study the environment around them.

In Your Face
In Your Face

A proposal for a public art project
Chapel Street, New Haven, Connecticut, 2002 (unbuilt)

A series of four colorful minimal wedge-shaped structures arranged in an "X" pattern. Simple mask-like faces are cut into the flat ends of the wedges -- arranged as if they were all in conversation with each other. Each "face" represents an expression - happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise. "Faces" are painted in primary colors reflecting their emotion. Participants walk up a slight incline behind each "face" until they reach a platform. Participants can look out the eyes and mouth to communicate with people in the other "faces." The purpose of the piece is to visually activate the space and invite the public to interact.

Meandering Picnic Table Meandering Picnic Table

2002 (unbuilt)
Eating is a social event and this picnic table encourages strangers to get to know one another. Large groups of people can eat together on this picnic table maze. Participants will find themselves making new friends as they sit across from one another or a group might adopt an entire section for a family gathering. Building material is wood.

Four Ramp Spiral Four Ramp Spiral

2002 (unbuilt)
Four ramps with a subtle incline start on each corner of the structure. The ramps wrap around each, slowly taking participants higher and higher, until they meet in the middle.

One Room Crisscross One Room Crisscross

2002 (unbuilt)
Participants hike through the woods until they come upon a clearing and find what appears to be an abandoned building. One does not know if the building is in the process of being built or in the process of decay. There are four walls but no roof. On one end of the building is a staircase, which leads to a balcony. The balcony has three doors – each leading to a walkway suspended several feet over the grasses of the clearing. The three walkways crisscross with three other walkways – and all walkways lead to doors and balconies. Once inside, participants can take their own path through the building. The enclosure emphasizes the sky above and ground below. Outside on the balconies participants have a different point of view overlooking the landscape. Since only one balcony allows participants to leave the building, they must choose which door to re-enter and continue their route.

Speaker's Platform Speaker's Platform

2002 (unbuilt)
Participants have the option to enter on one of the four corners of this sculptural environment. As they ascend to the first level, participants have several choices -- turn left, right, or continue to ascend to the second level. On the second level participants have the same choices but, in addition, may decide to go back down to the first level. Participants who choose to continue to the third level arrive at a platform that faces three other platforms. This final level encourages interaction and conversations between participants. Building material may be wood or scaffolding.

Vantage Point Vantage Point

2001 (unbuilt)
Two participants enter the stairs from either side of the piece. Although they are walking toward each other, there is a wall that separates them. As they reach the landing they turn up the stairs away from each other and end in a walled space containing a chair. As participants turn to sit they find that they are positioned directly across from each other and perfectly framed by the wall.

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